Work Experience Students tryout toy invention at Fuse!


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Our three students share some of their experiences after week with our team in the Studio…


My name is Daniel White I am in year 10, I go to Stanely Park High School. I enjoy designing, art and music. During my week at Fuse I have designed a mood board which was useful as it gave Pete and Luke an idea of what I am skilled at. I also created a 3D model in Tinkercad and printed it on the 3D printer.


My name is Phoebe Barry I am in year 10, I go to Monks Walk High School. During my week at Fuse I have designed a mood board, learnt how to use Illustrator software, Tinkercad, operate the 3D printer and laser machine. I have produced a turtle from the 3D printer. I liked using Illustrator as I have learned a lot of creative skills from Chantel, one of the designers.


My Name is Charlie Guy I am in year 10 soon to be year 11, I go to Twyford Church Of England High School. For my work experience I decided to visit Fuse for the week. The main reason I chose to come to Fuse was to see what other creative skills I might be interested in. One thing we used was the 3D printer. I have never used or seen a 3D printer before. We designed our models on spftware called ‘Tinkercad’. This allowed you to build your own 3D printed models using shapes and letters. Overall I have really enjoyed my week at Fuse and I am pleased I chose it for my work experience.