Total Action Football/Pro World Football

Toy Brokers Ltd.

First Launched 1994

Subbuteo ruled the world in table-top soccer games back in the late seventies and eighties. Then came Striker and Tipp-Kick and other new football inspired games where new, toyetic features were incorporated into the play – eg players kicking and saving the ball. However, these features all involved increasing the size of the players and the ability to play a real 11 a side game was too expensive.

At that time we wanted to create a hyper realistic action football game but at the same scale as Subbuteo, and where the teams would still have 11 players.

The solution was achieved by adding a magnet to the ball and developing a patented, sprung ball-bearing base for each player which enabled the players to control a moving ball, run with it, aim and shoot.

It meant the table-top game could now be played at great speed and with realistic, football actions and accurate, in-game play features.

The invention has been in market all over the world for over 20 years and with multiple licensees.

It is currently being relaunched by John Adams Ltd.