Micro Machines Star Wars Millennium Falcon Playset


Launched 2015 

Everybody at FUSE loves Star Wars  (some of us are even old enough to remember when the original trilogy came out!), so when the opportunity came to work with Hasbro to develop some products for the The Force Awakens we were delighted.  The Micro Machines brand enjoyed great success with it’s Star Wars range in the 90’s, so it was a great honour to be creating new and exciting playsets for the next generation.

With our Millennium Falcon playset we were tasked to make the transformation captivating and unexpected yet remain simple to operate. With one simple action you open the infamous Millennium Falcon to reveal a totally different landscape for kids to explore with their Micro Machines.

Now that millions of kids around the world have experienced Star Wars for the first time it’s great to see that they are just as excited about the new toys as we are!