Matchbox Pop Up Adventures

Mattel Inc

Launched 2005

Matchbox had been a mainstay in Mattel’s Wheels business since the acquisition of the die cast brand. The heroic vehicles and rescue adventures were a great introduction to vehicle play for younger boys but the appeal of large garage and city playsets too big for the bedroom and not able to be disaasembled was becoming an issue for mums buying the toys for their kids.

FUSE created Pop Up Playsets to address the need for vehicle sets which kids could take wherever they wanted and which unfolded cleverly for play, with no assembly at all.

The line started as a low-price line but FUSE working closely with the Matchbox design team, demonstrated that the proprietary unfolding mechanism could be adapted for much higher pricepoints. Over 30 skus were brought to market by Matchbox

The invention is often referred to as a game-changing innovation by Mattel as it reinvigorated the Matchbox brand for a new generation of kids and their parents.